Where can I see a preview of the video series?
You can watch the four Overview videos HERE. You can see the Chapter list, which includes information about which programs can be used with each chapter HERE.

How will I access the videos once the registration process is complete?
Once I have your completed e-mail registration and payment confirmation from PayPal, I will send you an e-mail with instructions for logging on to Vimeo and accessing the videos.

I use Lightroom / Elements / Photoshop. How will I access the videos that pertain to my editing software?
The videos are contained in three separate Vimeo Albums. One for each of the programs above. The e-mail that I send you will explain how to access the different albums. However, you are not limited to just one album. You may access any of the albums and all of the videos no matter what software you use. They are arranged in albums for your convenience.

How long after I register can I expect to have access to the videos?
All orders should be processed within 48 hours. If you have not received an e-mail from videos@peimaging.com by that time, please go HERE for suggestions as to what might be delaying the process.

Are these videos available as DVD's? Can I download the videos to my computer or mobile device?
The videos are available for streaming only. This helps keep the price as low as possible. Streaming is the predominant video delivery method on today's Internet.

Can I watch the videos on my smartphone or tablet?
The videos will display just fine no matter what technology you use to watch them. BUT, some portions of some of the videos deal with fine, subtle detail that will probably not be visible if your screen is too small. The larger the screen on which you view the videos, the easier it will be to see and understand all of the details of all of the editing steps being demonstrated.

Will there be additional video chapters available in the future and if so, how will I know to look for them?
Yes, there will be new chapters released from time to time. Additionally, some of the existing videos will be redone, either as new content or editing tools become available. Whenever any of these take place, you will receive an e-mail announcing the addition / change and detailed information about it. The videos will be available to you immediately.

I have a question that you haven't answered here. How do I contact you?
Send an e-mail to videos@peimaging.com.